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Occy the Octopus Fabric Wall Decal - Separate
Occy the Octopus Fabric Wall Decal - Separate
Occy the Octopus Fabric Wall Decal - Separate
Occy the Octopus Fabric Wall Decal - Separate
Occy the Octopus Fabric Wall Decal - Separate
Occy the Octopus Fabric Wall Decal - Separate

Occy the Octopus Fabric Wall Decal - Separate

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Meet Occy the Octopus! 

He's a little shy sometimes but take a few moments to stop, wait and watch him. What will he do? Will he scuttle off? Will he contort his body to squeeze into an ocean crevice? Will he change colour if he's found himself a lady friend! (As they do!!)

Here we can enjoy seeing Occy in his prime, drifting in the ocean's current. 

This incredible Octopus fabric wall decal portrays an octopus in their exact form. Show your child what an octopus really looks like through the wander of Occy the Octopus!

Add Occy the Octopus to your walls in a matter of seconds through this easy to use fabric wall decal, which is both removable and reusable! 

Perfect for those who love to show your child "real" and for nature lovers!

Suitable for children of all ages, including teenagers!

Occy the Octopus is available by himself or as part of the NEW set in The Ocean Drift Collection of Fabric Wall Stickers. 

Created from the intricate illustrations and paintings by the artist, Jenny Richardson.

Occy the Octopus is 39cm x 20cm. 

About Occy

One of my favourite animals to both illustrate, paint and snorkel with! I must say when I came across a strange looking orange ink fish in the water up at the Ningaloo Reef, I wasn't sure what it was. Possibly a cuttle fish? Was it a squid? The way it quickly shot off? But alas no! It was an amazing octopus! 

We carefully discovered 3 octopuses up north, as they really are clever things! Camouflaging themselves and hiding into little nooks. Even when you swim away out of site, they know you are still there.

Talk about highly intelligent indeed!

They are very cool sea animals to admire and study. 

And Occy! It's a local WA nickname for octopuses. 

Fabric Wall Stickers

**Please note, Occy has some intricate parts to him (such as his arms), so please be careful peeling him off the wall **

The beauty of these Fabric Wall Decals is that they can be reapplied many times over without damaging the sticker itself or the surface they’re applied to, letting you transform the room! A fabulous option for renters!

These Fabric Wall Decals have a luxurious soft textural feel to them and are flexible (the fabric breathes as you smooth them on). They are created with safe ink, are odourless, toxin free.  

Your Fabric Wall Decals will be sent to you as registered mail (Australian orders only) to ensure it reaches you safely.

Because these are large decals, they will be sent to you in a mailing tube. 

**Just select regular untracked shipping at checkout but know it WILL be sent with complimentary signature on delivery** (Australia only) 

Instructions of application will be included in your order. To read more information, see the Product Information page.

Reusable. Removable. Durable. Kid Safe Ink. Fun. Easy to use!